Health Innovation Advisory & Program Management 

We accelerate the transition of your invention to innovation.


Shiruy, Inc. (formerly ScienceHA) is a leading scientific and business advisory and project management firm. We specialize in exploring emerging areas of science and business and help manage, develop, and market novel technologies, life sciences and healthcare-related products and programs. Our support services are designed to assist research teams, organizations, and companies with diverse interests and needs, providing invaluable insights into their and markets' needs and discovering innovative ways to achieve their goals.

Our offerings encompass advisory services and assistance in the following domains:

We contribute to the broader scientific and medical affairs function across various therapeutic domains, including cancer, medical genetics, neurology, multiple sclerosis, pain management, and OTC. 

We create educational and scientific materials, including:

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Our clientele includes pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, research institutes, universities, startups, legal practices, government agencies, hospitals, for-profit enterprises, and non-profit organizations.