Health Innovation Advisory

We accelerate transition of your invention to innovation.

Shiruy, Inc. (formerly ScienceHA) is a scientific and business advisory and project management firm that explores emerging areas of science and business and help manage, develop and market novel technologies, and life-sciences and healthcare-related products and programs. We offer support to research teams, organizations or companies with different interests and needs to gain insights into their own and markets' needs, and discover more innovative ways to accomplish their goals.

Core Services Provided:

  • R&D and product management (oncology, genetics, diagnostics);

  • Support mobile, eHealth app development initiatives;

  • Initiate & foster multi-stakeholder strategic partnership activities

  • Provide marketing & advisory services to international companies;

  • Act as a catalyst to develop and manage new programs or expand existing ones

  • Support overall medical affairs function in multiple therapeutic areas;

  • Design clinical studies and medical guidelines and protocols;

  • Develop educational and promotional courses, continuing Medical Education

  • Product management

  • Manage internal and external collaborative scientific & business partnerships

  • Publication Planning

  • Scientific and medical writing and editing

  • Educational & informational content development

  • Develop and review evidence-based clinical guidelines & policies

  • Create educational and marketing contents for both professional and general public.

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Our clients are from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutes, universities, startups, law firms, government agencies, hospitals, for profit and non-for-profit organizations.